Pritzker Packs

What are Pritzker Packs?

Pritzker Packs allow parents to purchase their child's school supplies as a complete set and have it ready and waiting in the classroom on the 1st day of school.  Pritzker packs are customized to the classroom and includes everything on the teacher's school supply list.

What are the benefits?

For parents, Pritzker Packs are a convenient and affordable way to ensure their child is equipped and ready to learn.  No need to shop at multiple stores for the right items or prices and no lugging bags of supplies into the school.  Everything is done for you!

Purchasing Pritzker Packs also benefits the school as it provides fundraising dollars for school projects and needs.

How can I participate?

Easy!  There are 3 main ways to participate:

1.  Purchase a Pritzker Pack for your child or another Pritzker student.

2. Support our teachers with a donation to cover other classrooom supply needs. 

3. Volunteer  We rely on parent and alumni volunteers to help move the supplies into the student classrooms.  


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